Better together: the power of integration

The Maestrano platform uses secure, reusable APIs to combine data across banking, accounting systems, e-commerce applications and other third-party apps, and create a definitive view of financial and business performance through a single sign-on.

It gives your SME customers a central, customisable console of key business indicators and insights to make life simpler and guide intelligent business decisions. In turn, you gain an unprecedented understanding of your customers’ business and potential risks.


A blend of four key technologies

Data harmonisation

Data management

Data presentation

Data security

Data harmonisation

Maestrano harmonises the ingested data to create a single source of truth and aggregated customer account capabilities within a branded portal. Your customers can make sense of their business with a level of analytical sophistication that, until now, has been the preserve of large enterprises.

You can offer incremental business products and services that will increase customer retention and loyalty in today’s disruptive banking landscape.

Data management

Liberate your SME customers from the hassle of manually downloading and exporting data from various applications and unreliable spreadsheet analysis. Maestrano de-duplicates, maps and links data at scale and in real-time to build a complete, current and accurate picture of your customers’ business.

With live syncing between applications, if a business owner enters data in one app, it appears in all other apps, to enhance business productivity.

Data presentation

Time-pressed business owners can’t monitor the day-to-day health of their business based on static spreadsheets and historical snapshot. Maestrano’s dashboard, charts, KPIs and projections bring the numbers to life by translating data from banking and other assets into live visualisations, bring meaning and clarity at a glance.

Customers can select which infographics they wish to track, based on what is important to their business. With Maestrano, you can give SMEs access to enterprise-grade business intelligence that would otherwise be beyond their reach, helping to cement their loyalty.

Data security

Maestrano integrates banking with the services small business owners rely on every day, with access all in one place through a single sign-on. With Maestrano, we protect your customers’ data by ensuring that bank-level security is built in, not bolted on.

We store and process data using third-party servers located in fully secure data centres, with restricted physical and virtual access that complies with all prevailing regulations and enterprise policies. All data passed between our servers and those of third parties is fully encrypted.

The Maestrano business insights platform

Maestrano Hub!

Maestrano Hub! is a complete set of multi-tenant APIs that enable you to take control of the interactions between your customers and the platform. It provides enterprise grade security, administration and identity management, and uses authenticated cloud APIs and secure single sign-on to safely integrate data from third-party applications.

Maestrano Nex!

Platform as a Service infrastructure deployment, monitoring and auto-scaling that allows you to rapidly deploy and scale new digital services in any cloud services setting.

Maestrano Connec!

Maestrano Connec! ingests data from multiple disparate sources for use in new digital services, quickly and easily. Data from third-party cloud apps and legacy systems can be consolidated and harmonised into common, consistent data models. Over 50 third-party application integrations are provided out of the box and more can be added. Changes are propagated in real time to all other impacted applications.

Maestrano Reconcile!

Maestrano Reconcile! makes sense of complex business data. It cleans and analyses massive volumes of data in real-time by de-duplicating, mapping and linking common data elements from disparate customer and third-party applications.

Maestrano Impac!

Maestrano Impac! comprises a wide set of predication services that can create business insights, including classification, categorisation, pattern detection and recognition, future trends modelling and projections, and KPI monitoring and management. Maestrano Impac! also offers reporting APIs to allow data to flow into multiple presentation destinations.

Maestrano Presen!

Maestrano Presen! presents data through a wide range of visualisations including dashboards, graphs, charts, animated gifs and more. Presentation capabilities can be deployed as a standalone digital service, a branded digital service or via embedded widgets customised to appear inside any digital service. Full mobile support is also available.

The value of a Digital Integration Hub

“ emerging architectural paradigm that we have observed being adopted by a growing number of organizations to support customer experience and digital transformation initiatives.

These organizations have typically implemented a DIH to enable high-scale API-based access to system of record application and data, while minimizing workload on these system and delivering additional value via analytics.”

Pezzini, Gartner, Inc., 2018

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