Become A Maestrano Application Partner


Reach a brand new audience and Enterprise partnerships


Our intuitive API makes the integration process a breeze


Data sharing with other industry leading application providers

Join Maestrano to change the way SMBs manage their operations and be a part of their journey in the cloud. Maestrano is an open cloud integration platform that provides cross-app data synchronization between applications and holistic reporting which enables small and medium businesses a digital avenue to better run and manage their entire operations.

As a Maestrano partner, you gain access to a globally patented technology, Connec!™ for data sharing, and Impac!™ for business intelligence.

Why Integrate With Maestrano


By integrating with Maestrano, you’re not only taking advantage of a direct connection to our technology, but also to the entire suite of other 3rd-party applications within our ecosystem. This includes best in class applications for accounting, customer management and e-commerce, amongst more than 80 others.

Above this, your integration with Maestrano opens your application to millions of small and medium businesses around the world through our Enterprise clients, including large banks, accounting firms and government agencies. We work extensively with these clients to introduce new applications to their white-labeled Maestrano platforms, ensuring the take-up of your application by the end-users.


How To Integrate With Maestrano

Integrating your application with Maestrano is made easy through our purpose-built developer platform and extensive range of resources, documentation and support personnel. Integration includes:


Single Sign On

The ability for a user to access your app through their existing Maestrano account details.

Single Billing

Single Billing

Supporting the billing & payment of your application directly through a single Maestrano bill.

Data Sharing

Data Sharing

The ability for your app to share data with Maestrano and other connected apps.

What We Provide

  • Detailed documentation
  • Sandbox environment to test your integration
  • Access for your team to our Developer Platform
  • Dedicated engineer support channel
  • Marketing plan and resources
  • Access to our Business Analysts
  • SDK for most popular coding languages
  • End user testing before public release
  • Dedicated Commercial agreement in place
  • Enterprise client introductions