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Recognizing the integral role small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play in developing Asia Pacific’s economies, Mastercard together with Maestrano today announced a strategic partnership to encourage SME development by enabling issuing banks across the region to leverage cloud-based technologies.

Inside Small Business


Maestrano CEO, Stephane Ibos, discusses the rise of big data for small businesses and how SMBs can benefit from data-driven decisions.

Channel Life


Westcon-Comstor is offering resellers an SMB ‘business in a box’ option on the back of its work with Maestrano…

Tech Pro Research


No matter how big your company is, integrating platforms can create major headaches and threaten your IT investments. Luckily, Maestrano eases the burden and reduces the risks.

CPI Financial


Philippe Fanjere, VP Europe, Middle East and Africa, Maestrano, looks at how innovations in ICT could allow the region’s banks to become trusted advisors to its SME customers.



Injazat Data Systems agreement with Maestrano will create the first UAE & GCC Cloud offering for Small and Medium Enterprises exclusively.

The Australian


Cloud applications aggregator Maestrano has welcomed a $4 million capital injection, with former Macquarie Group co-founder Allan Moss and Acorn Capital coming on board as key-investors.

Financial Review


Maestrano just closed a $4 million round of investment that includes Alan Moss, Macquarie Group co-founder.



Vendors selected for the “Cool Vendor” report are innovative, impactful and intriguing.



Efma, Microsoft and Avanade are working together with some of the world’s largest financial institutions to connect the rapidly expanding fintech community with retail banks and insurance firms globally and has recognised Maestrano as the 2016 best business banking solution.

The Australian


Sydney-based software-as-a-service aggregator Maestrano’s founder Stephane Ibos reckons his little start-up is ready to mix it up with the big end of town, now that it’s powering National Australia Bank’s and PricewaterhouseCoopers’ digital platforms aimed at small-to-medium businesses.

Dynamic Business


In January 2014, the Sydney tech start-up, Maestrano, launched with a mission; that mission was to help SME’s focus on their core business by reducing time spent on low-value administrative tasks.

IT Wire


NAB Business in One, developed in conjunction with Australian start-up Maestrano, is a cloud-based digital platform for small business customers. Business in One synchronises data in real-time across numerous applications – including accounting, sales customer relationship management software – into a central, customisable dashboard.

Field Fix


Fieldfix is a practical job management software that removes the time, cost and hassle of paperwork in your business. It uses smart technology designed for the fat fingers of field crew to get information to and from the field in seconds. With just a smartphone, field crew can scope, quote and approve jobs in the field, receive job details, record timesheets, job costs and events on-site with proof of compliance, and health and safety.

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One of Australia’s big four banks has unveiled a partnership with a start-up to develop an integrated cloud-based platform specifically for its small business customers.



National Australia Bank has announced NAB Business in One, its latest customer innovation developed in conjunction with Australian cloud-focused startup Maestrano.

Growth Hacker


Laura Moreno, from Growth Hacker discusses about partnership as a strategy to conquer the SMB market.



NAB Business in One, developed in conjunction with Australian start-up Maestrano, synchronises data in real-time across numerous applications – including accounting, sales, customer relationship management software – into a central, customisable dashboard.

Smart Office


“Business in One will give small business owners the data and information they need to help them run their small business in one place,” Thorburn, NAB CEO, commented.



“Cloud accounting has changed the way business works and the role of the accountant is changing”. PwC Private Clients Director, Dyean Moodley is an accountant who has witnessed the benefits of the evolution of cloud accounting into a real eco-system.



PricewaterhouseCoopers has said it will be collaborating with a number of emerging tech companies in the region to deliver a purpose-built cloud platform, powered by Maestrano

Accounts Daily


PwC has today launched a purpose-built cloud platform it says goes beyond bookkeeping and accounting to provide a “whole of business solution”. This new platform Next is built using Maestrano’s patented technology.

Financial Review


PwC is rolling out its new dashboard powered by Maestrano’s patented technology. PwC’s Next combines multiple cloud accounting tools and integrated cloud applications on Maestrano’s open platform, supported by customisable dashboards that provide a holistic view of a client’s entire portfolio, including business trends, in real time.

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Maestrano has been working with Sage to be one of the first ISVs included in the release of their new global distribution platform. Maestrano helps Sage cover for eCommerce integration SageLive and Magento or Prestashop. Find out more in this article from Michael De Jongh, VP Global ISV and Developer Program at Sage.

Smart Company


“You run a small or medium business, and like most business owners or managers, you are probably quite time poor, facing the daily pressures of satisfying your customers and expanding your reach in an increasingly demanding and fast-paced market.” You may be considering the cloud for your business. Stephane Ibos is sharing 5 foolproof ways you can look to navigate the tricky aspects of the cloud.

Information Management


With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the continuous growth of cloud adoption among small businesses and large corporations, it is no wonder that the security industry is going through an unprecedented time of challenge and re-invention. Stephane Ibos is sharing his view on data security.

The New IP


“Gartner’s latest forecast says that in 2016, we’ll see 6.4 billion connected things, and that number will to jump to 20.8 billion by 2020.” Ariella Brown, from The New IP, checked with Stephane Ibos the direction security is taking in 2016 and beyond.

The National


“Unique Sales Proposition (USP) is something many SME founders know in their hearts but are unable to express”. Maestrano’s EMEA VP is giving clues to Small and Medium businesses to boost their revenue. If you are not sure what your USP is, you should definitely read this interview.

Sand Hill


Maestrano has had operations in the US for over a year and is rapidly expanding in the North American market following the trend of the rest of our operations growing faster every day in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. And it all started in 2013 from Australia. When we decided to launch Maestrano in 2013 with my co-founder and CTO, we knew only two things: that we were in for a challenging ride and that Maestrano would be a global company.

My Entrepreneur


Motivation in the workplace is a hot topic these days as we see a greater emphasis on questions of commitment and engagement of staff. While these questions are of primary importance for any company, they are absolutely vital for startups, as startups live and die by their team members.

Dynamic Business


Stephane Ibos, Maestrano’s CEO is sharing his view on the creation of a business as an incredible journey made up of both success and failures. Want to know why some entrepreneurs are fortunate enough to watch their venture grow from a simple idea to an established company: here is a good read to start with.

Innovation AUS


Cloud integration company Maestrano is one of the success stories of Australian tech over the last few years. Its founders want to keep it in Australia as it grows, but admit that this may not be possible.

Startup Smart


Maestrano co-founder Stephane Ibos chatted with StartupSmart about what’s happened to the startup in the last couple of months. Discover what we’ve learned and what we are up to in this interview.



Dubai: Leading a new trend of retailing cost-effective enterprise solutions from a cloud-based platform, Sydney-based tech firm, Maestrano has forayed into the UAE offering a marketplace of apps for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The Australian


Australia is a booming nation in a transition period and most Australian investors are on the lookout for new ventures.What if Australia was named the most ideal environment to create a global start-up? Discover Stephane Ibos, Maestrano’s CEO, views.



The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) recently announced the NSW winners of its 2015 iAwards program. Maestrano received 2 awards during the ceremony including the start-up award and the applications, tools and platforms award.



Maestrano is opening its second office in the USA in Seattle (OR) to support its growth plan, the fourth location for the company after Sydney, San Francisco and Dubai. With Impac!™ and Maestrano Enterprise, the company is growing fast and developing innovative solutions; learn more about our plans in this article.

Technology Spectator


Your business is going ‘Cloud’. Your mind is made up and nothing will make you go back on the decision made. Great! In this article, find a 5-step checklist you will want to check off before starting your transition.

IT Wire


Maestrano has secured US and worldwide patents for its vision of creating a one stop hub for all cloud based business management tools. Find out why ITWire flags Maestrano as one of the tech startups you are likely to hear more of.

Dynamic Business


Do you run a small or medium-sized business and want to give your company a boost and benefit from the latest IT technologies? Here is what you should look at first.



Maestrano is now experiencing “huge demand” from the Middle East, with plans to add to the Dubai team.

My Business


Technology has always been an important tool for business owners. For MyBusiness Magazine, Maestrano is a cloud based business solution that all SME owners could benefit from leveraging in their business.



Funded as a result of pitching at TiECON 2013, the cloud-based enterprise application provider Maestrano has since launched in Australia, USA, the United Arab Emirates and recently Singapore. It proves that there is no impediment to Australian technology in global markets.

Sky News


Maestrano’s CEO Stephane Ibos explains why Cloud Computing is an easy way for SMBs to gain in time, efficiency and security



Maestrano’s CEO Stephane Ibos shares tips on how to attract intrapreneurs and encourage them to be innovative.

Sky News


New cloud technology that’s helping to revolutionize the way that SMBs are dealing with their business management models

IT Wire


Maestrano has now announced Connec!™, a technology that integrates cloud applications from different vendors. The company says Connec!™ provides seamless data sharing between business applications.



Maestrano has launched a Cloud applications aggregation tool for small to medium businesses (SMB) which promises integration of disparate solutions from different vendors within one platform.



An Australian cloud application startup is opening a US office and has started signing local resellers, following backing from the former managing director of Microsoft ANZ.



Sydney-based start-up Maestrano has launched what it hopes will be a simple and cheap solution for small businesses to make the most of cloud computing. Connec! is like a dashboard that integrates multiple cloud applications, including open source and proprietary products, where a deal with the vendor has been agreed. It is charged per hour, per user. The six-month-old company has secured worldwide patents for the technology and will open an office in the US in July. It was one of four finalists in the CeBIT start-up PitchFest contest in May.

The Australian


Cloud computing may now be par for the course when it comes to the big end of town but it’s still somewhat of a reach for a lot of Australian small to medium businesses.

One Australian start-up is keen to remedy that situation is Sydney-based Maestrano, which has managed to turn some heads just three months into its inception.

Technology Spectator


The brainchild of Stephane Ibos, a project manager at Thales Group and Arnaud Lachaume, an analyst at Macquarie Bank, Maestrano is serving up cloud apps to SMBs via an integrated platform at a flexible price point.

The winning pitch for Maestrano is its aspiration to dismantle the cloud silo model and become an effective aggregator – bringing useful applications under one umbrella and tied to a single interface.



Maestrano is proud and delighted to become a Small Business Member of the FACCI and to further develop its involvement with the French Community in Australia.

Created by two French Engineers in mid-2013, Maestrano has considerably grown and gained a significant traction as evidenced by the successful closure of a $1M investment round from IT heavyweights including former Microsoft CEO Gary Jackson and the founder of eServGlobal, Ian Buddery who has also been appointed Chairman of Maestrano.



Australian startup Maestrano may not be well known, but it is well-funded and growing fast. It may be positioned to be one of the next breakthrough IT service companies after receiving $1 million from investors including former Microsoft executive Gary Jackson, according to a report by BRW.



Seven weeks after pitching to The Indus Entrepreneurs last October, a $1 million investment from IT heavyweights including a Microsoft CEO and the founder of eServGlobal was secured by a Sydney start-up packaging open-source cloud applications for small business.

Smart Company


Stephane Ibos says he and Arnaud Lachaume, co-founders of cloud-based business app provider Maestrano, weren’t really looking for investment when they launched late last year.

But in its first three months of business, and after attracting attention at a TiE Sydney pitching event, they’ve now raised $1 million in funding from Australian technology business leaders to ramp up the company’s growth.



Maestrano is an innovative Cloud based solutions provider that launched in 2013. They successfully attracted $1 million of funding from leading figures in the information technology sector in its first three months of business, following a pitch fest at TiECon.

Digital Journal


In an increasingly complex and fragmented web environment, Australian startup Maestrano is going back to basics by offering simplicity and sophistication to small and medium business owners wanting affordability in a tough economic climate while accessing a one stop shop for all of their online needs.



Launched in August, Maestrano is an enterprise app store providing a suite of hosted web applications to startups and SMEs. Whether you need a CRM system, an ERP, project management tools, accounting systems or bug trackers, Maestrano is here to accommodate.



Avec Maestrano, nous avons décidé de créer un service qui nous manquait tant. Des applications pour entreprise, déjà déployées, accessibles en un simple clic depuis un « App Store » et installées automatiquement, le tout pour une somme dérisoire.

Startup Smart


Australian cloud-based business app provider Maestrano has raised $1 million worth of funding in its first three months, and now just three months later, it’s looking to raise up to $10 million.

The company will shortly open its B-stage round of capital-raising, and Maestrano co-founder and CEO Stephane Ibos says he hopes to raise the funds right here in Australia.



[…]That was the case for the co-founder of Maestrano, which aims to provide cloud apps for SME. Stephane Ibos came to Australia from his native France to start a business with co-founder Arnaud Lachaume, but first the pair ensured they had rights to their idea while they worked in their spare time[…]