Maestrano provides the solution

To the challenges facing Financial Services firms.



Increase SMB engagement with your online banking services.

Combine online banking facilities with other integrated business applications and live reporting in a single portal with your branding. Create compelling reasons for SMBs to visit your portal every day.

Be there, at the right time: be relevant

With automated alerting, your bankers receive alerts at key points in the life of the SMB, enabling them to propose specific, relevant products or offer timely, valuable advice.

Reduce paperwork, streamline and accelerate credit origination

Automatically pre-qualify SMBs for credit products. For loan applications, pre-fill forms, directly from the SMB’s systems, saving the SMB time and minimising errors from manual completion.

Be relevant internally, not just another new platform

Provide a valuable tool for your bankers, that delivers live insights into client position, creates relevant alerts, ultimately helps the bankers deliver added value to their SMB clients and achieve their targets.

Improve loyalty and retention.

Increase the business value of your relationships with SMB customers by providing business solutions and value added services.

Reduce the risk of some banking product and services.

Provide better advice and make better decisions with better visibility of up to date performance data.

Improve overall customer experience.

Improve customer experience with an innovative and modern business platform as-a-service.

Disrupt the market.

Get a jump on your competitors with a state of the art digital business banking platform.

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