Maestrano provides the solution

To the challenges facing Business Advisory firms.



Need to streamline compliance and advisory processes, for greater efficiency

Standardise capture of client financials across different cloud accounting packages, saving time and increasing consistency of service.

Need to improve efficiency in preparation of management reports.

Standardise capture of client financials across different cloud accounting packages, and other business applications, including CRM and payroll. Use a library of reporting elements to deliver timely, consistent management reporting.

Need a unified, branded portal through which to offer services and engage with clients

Combine live reporting, automated monitoring and alerting, client collaboration in a single branded portal.

Need a platform to deliver business process improvement advice and tools, wrapped in the firm’s branding.

Deliver a branded portal offering access to business applications, with automatic data sharing between them to increase SMB operating efficiency.

Establish connection with your SMBs preferred applications.

Propose a vendor agnostic platform integrated with your internal systems, enabling SMBs to continue using their tools.

Streamline communication.

Automate archiving of communication and build consistency in the storing of documents and data.

Be there, at the right time with up to date data: be relevant.

With automated alerting and access to relevant live information, your team receive alerts when it’s the best time to call a client, to propose a specific product or give an SMB advice.

Manage disparate customers’ systems, information formatting.

Create unified reporting, that is automatically filled by customers live information.

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